Campaign Resources


United Way of Calvert County works together with over 50 companies and hundreds of volunteers every campaign year to improve the education, financial stability and health of people living here.



Whether your company runs a United Way campaign for 5 people or 20 departments, these are the 5 basic steps for every Campaign Coordinator to remember: 

  1. Set Goals
  2. Educate
  3. Make the Ask
  4. Thank
  5. Report Results

For a more detailed list of steps and tips:

click here for the Workplace Campaign Guide.



The United Way staff will provide trainings for your Campaign Coordinator, conduct special presentations for your staff about how their pledge benefits the community, or pass out literature at an employee fair or special event. Call us at (410) 535-2000 to schedule. 



We offer educational materials for every size campaign. To request hard copies of these documents, send us an e-mail.



Click Below for Digital Copies:


Thank You To Our Corporate Partners!