James Risinger

An experienced fundraiser with March of Dimes and his local church, James Risinger is no stranger to supporting causes that mean the most to him.  After an injury during his third combat tour in Afghanistan, James was led to reevaluate his life's path.  This is how he came to form Risinger Outdoor Endeavors, an organization that conducts peer to peer counseling for soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other physical wounds.  James is now able to continue to serve by helping veterans learn how to interact with the people now that their lives have changed.  In addition to mentoring, James leads outdoor excursions to encourage a physical outlet for the individuals with whom he works.

James also happens to be married to a Mardi Gras Veteran, Belinda Denton.  When he's not running Risinger Outdoor Endeavors, James enjoys kayaking and fishing.

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