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Nonprofit Resources

Starting a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization is no easy task, but there are many online resources to assist you with governance, financial accountability, grant writing and more.

Help Getting Started

  1. MD Nonprofit Checklist  PDF Format
  2. MD Office of Secretary of State (Forms Needed to Register)
  3. Sample By-Laws
  4. Sample Non-profit Budget, Profit & Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet

Resources for Transparency & Accountability

  1. MD Nonprofit Standards for Excellence Code (Benchmarks for building capacity, accountability, and sustainability)
  2. Renew Your State Charitable Registration Annually
  3. MD Dept. of Assessment & Taxation - Download Certificate of Good Standing
  4. Charity Navigator (Nonprofit Online Rating)
  5. GuideStar (Nonprofit Online Review)

Resources for Governance & Programs